Miss Wright Publishing Ltd, was born with the vision to help others publish their dreams without the restrictions of the traditional publishing model. 


At Miss Wright Publishing, we make your dreams come true by publishing your book and supporting you on the journey.  We believe that everyone has a story to tell and we love to help you clarify your ideas and turn them into a story that will inspire others. We will help walk you through the process of writing, illustrating and publishing your book in a personalised way, with your best interests at heart. 

Funded by the Prince’s Trust in 2014, Miss Wright Publishing Ltd was created to be an alternative to the big publishing houses, to design a more personalised experience for the author.

With the help of the Prince’s Trust, Miss Wright Publishing Ltd was taken to the red carpet by the owner, Gracie Wright.  Gracie was given a platform to share her vulnerable life story of losing all memories after a near-fatal childhood accident where she was hit by a car.  Gracie learned to overcome brain injury, even learning how to read and write again by never giving up on her dreams.  Her vision has inspired many people to write their stories and overcome adversity.

Launching into the vision, Miss Wright Publishing Ltd believes that everyone has a story to share and has opened their services to work with new up-and-coming authors.

“We believe that we are stronger together and if we can help you share and develop your story we will!’

This coming September 2021, we are interested in hearing from parents that have written books and drawn books with their kids.

If this is you, please send us your finished manuscript, with details on your vision for your book as well as your backstory of you and your child, working together on your creation. We will be picking 5 new families to work with so please go into as much detail as you can as to why your story stands out from the rest.

We like good morals and stories with positive messages in them. Please bear that in mind when applying.

If you have a book idea and would like to share it with us, please contact us!

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