Freddie’s Impossible Dream

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This delightful picture book was written and illustrated by a father and a son who want to show the world that anything is possible, no matter how young or old you are!

Freddie’s Impossible Dream is based on a true story of author Nigel Lungenmuss-Ward, who has to overcome many obstacles to realise his dream of being in a band. Now, Nigel and his son, Robbie, are realising their dreams together, as they both publish their first book with Robbie as the illustrator.

This fun and hopeful picture book, beautifully shows Freddie overcoming the childhood fears holding him back and send him on a big adventure to achieve his impossible dream!

SUPPORT & SHARE in Robbie and Nigel’s dream to bring Freddie’s Impossible Dream to the world.

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12 reviews for Freddie’s Impossible Dream

  1. Nick Thornhill

    INSPIRATIONAL!! A true story made into a children’s book by Father and Son! Very cool. Such a great message for children to never give up on pursuing their dreams. I love the fact that it’s drawn by an 8-year-old, which illustrates the very message of the story; pun intended :). A wonderful book to gift your children or grandchildren with!

  2. Paul

    A wonderful book, enchanting.
    I don’t know if I enjoyed it more or my children!

  3. Joanne Blowers

    Excellent! Such an enchanting and inspirational book. My children loved it not only for the story but for the colourful and brilliant illustrations. This book will get read over and over again.

  4. Kelly

    Brilliant book!

    My 7 and 8 year old pick this one out alot to read and it’s one of their favourites 😊
    They love that it has been illustrated by a young boy the same age range as them the think it’s so special and often try to draw their own pictures of the characters.

    So important to make sure your little ones believe in themselves and this book shows them to never give up on their dreams 🧡

    Would make a lovely present for children.

  5. Leonard Joseph

    This book is awesome! My children loved reading it and loved that the illustrations and story were created by a father and his son! The message behind the story is so inspirational – we need more books like this! The wording is suitable for all ages and the wonderful illustrations make it accessible for pre readers too. It’s amazing that the author is actually in the band too! 😁👍

  6. Jeff

    It was an enjoyable read, well illustrated and beneficial to any classroom, I personally recommend it…

  7. Racheal Caulkin

    Fantastic!! Lots of fun and shows what achievements can be made in life!! My boys have read this over and over and is still a firm favourite!!

  8. Fay

    My children and I love reading this book. Very inspirational and engaging.

  9. Christine

    I find the book very good. I think that children will love it as it talks about how everyone thinks about quitting at some point in their lives. The trick is not to actually do it and make sure you go for it. It should prove to be a best seller.

  10. Stephen

    I LOVE this book. More importantly, my son (who I bought it for) does too. It has helped me to demonstrate that he can do anything he wants life. Thank you! 🙏

  11. Helen Thrower

    Well that was an unexpected burst of emotion! The book came and it’s so lovely. I teared up especially at the dedication shown by Freddie at the end. Such a lovely story and I can’t wait to read it to my two children.

  12. Lianne smith

    What an amazing and inspiring book! My daughter and I love reading this…it puts across such a great message to follow your dreams and makes us smile every time we read it.

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