Silly Eric’s 7 Days of Creation Story Paperback

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Why not purchase this amazing story about creation and get ready for a fun learning time for your kids! 

Eric is like most little children and loves to ask lots of questions, especially when it comes to creation. Join his exciting adventure, as Eric learns how to talk with Father God about how He made the world in just seven days!

Starting off with Light & Dark and ending with Rest, these seven short stories will be a delight to read to your children and develop their understanding of how it all began.

This fun, brightly colored book will captivate your children in the wonder of creation and teach them about the power of their words.

A perfect gift to all of God's little children! 

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2 reviews for Silly Eric’s 7 Days of Creation Story Paperback

  1. Nicolas T

    7 Days of Creation is such a wonderful book to help young children connect with Father God! We have gotten copies for so many family & friends to read with their little ones. The illustrations are fun and colorful. Gracie Wright did a phenomenal job to really help children connect to the story of creation in such a fun and engaging way thru the eyes of a child, Silly Eric.
    Definitely a great read or gift for anyone with young children.

  2. Angela H

    So far I’ve read Silly Eric’s 7 days of Creation and Silly Eric Never Gives Up. These books really capture the Father heart of God. After reading them I even feel encouraged to be more real and childlike in my relationship with God. What better gift to give kids than something that will help them connect with God and know His love for them! Gracie was also incredibly helpful when there was an issue with the delivery of my books. She called me personally to help resolve the issue. Thank you Mrs. Wright’s Publishing for all you’re doing for God’s Kingdom and His children. Many Blessings!

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