Sponsor A Book To A Child in Need


Our authors have got together to give their books to children in need. Will you help be a part of this? 

As you may know, our mission is to help children with the power of picture books. There are over 9,000 children that have to use Waveney Food Bank each year. This year we would like to give away thousands of books to children in poverty and highlight the importance of reading. 

The more children read, the more they will know and the more they learn, the further they can go. 

Waveney Foodbank said, “The amount of children being fed at the local food banks has increased dramatically, due to many factors including, rising rents, low income, mothers fleeing domestic abuse.”

A recent survey carried out by Save The Children found that four out of ten children on free school meals are not able to read well by the age of 11. 

Will, you join us and sponsor some books this year for children in need?



You can select the number of books that you would like to sponsor and it will come through to us on the same day.

Please note that although you have to put your address in, the books don’t go to you, they will go straight to the Foodbank. It’s just the way the application works on our site. Thanks for your understanding. 

Thank you for your support and please get in touch if you would like to ask any questions.

All Books Go Straight to the Food Bank.

Much love from all of us at MWP XOX


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