A wondrous enchanting children’s picture book, that will captivate your little ones attention to help them discover, who they were born to be. “You were born in this moment for this very time. Run like a Champion, you were Born to shine!” Join Bear and her friends in their wondrous journey through their majestic walk, on the greatest adventure of discovering Bear’s unique purpose. Her inquisitive nature opens the understanding of the importance of staying on her own path. This beautiful poetic story will inspire your child to pursue their destiny with all they’ve got!

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8 reviews for Picture book -The Bird, The Bear and the Viking Warrior (BORN TO SHINE)

  1. Garrett Fuglaar

    Such a wonderful book. My kids love it. Inspiring story and beautiful graphics!

  2. Amy Ryburn

    I loved The Bird, The Bear and The Viking Warrior! The bright and beautiful illustrations that accompany this story drew me in! The simple message telling children that each one is uniquely born to shine is powerful! This will be my go-to gift to parents for their children. A great bedtime book! Im excited to read it to my grandchildren!!

  3. Erin (verified owner)

    The poetic cadence to this book is calming & inspiring! What a gift this book is to our family and will be for years to come.

  4. James Childers

    The message is a wonderful example for children. The art work is beautiful, the author did an amazing job on this book. A must have for every parent.

  5. Amy Ryburn

    Oh my goodness! I love this book! The message went right to my heart…..there is only one you and you were created for a special purpose! Exactly what I want my grandchildren to hear! Each page has rhythm and the graphics are captivating! The absolute perfect length for bedtime! I originally ordered three but am ordering more! This is a great book for every child’s library!
    Great job, MC Terry!

  6. Eli Regalado

    AMAZING! I wish I had this book as a kid! While society tells us to be who we want to be, the author paints an amazing story of how evert child has a unique God-given purpose in this earth. The Art is absolutely breathtaking!!! 💯 I purchased 10 copies to give to my friends who are parents.

  7. Aaron Brown

    The first thing that captured me was the awesome graphics. I love the message, it’s so important to build up children with positivity, this does that so well. To be really honest it was the perfect length book for a tired dad to read to his kiddos at night, not too long but long enough for quality time.

  8. Topher Jones

    I bought this book over the weekend and was excited to read it to my son. The other night we sat down before bed and read the book. I was blown away by how beautiful the illustrations are and how powerful the message of the story is. The line “I made you, dear Bear, I’m your biggest fan” truly moved me. It’s something everyone needs to hear, especially kids. Thank you Michael for sharing this story with the world!

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